Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Creamy gnocchi & chicken soup

for Gnocchi:
 cook potatoes ( about 4 or 5 golden potatoes, peeled) until soft, then drain. blend potatoes (add salt) and add flour (gluten free or regular) and 1 egg. add enough flour for dough to become a good consistency to form.
roll out the dough into long strips and cut into 1 inch pieces and form into balls and press a fork down. let sit in fridge until ready to cook. 
(you may not need to use all of the dough.. you can make extra for another night of gnocchi with spaghetti sauce!!)

place frozen chicken (or thawed) in a pot (about 2-3 large chicken breasts) add:
about 1 tsp of: basil, italian seasoning, montreal chicken, salt and pepper.
about 1.5 cans of chicken broth
chopped carrots, onion and fresh or dried celery. ( I keep celery on hand cut up in the freezer or I use dried celery flakes)
-cover and let simmer for about 30-45min

shred chicken in pot and add: 2T cornstarch mixed with 2T water, about 24 oz heavy whipping cream, 1-2 cloves minced garlic, chopped spinach (any desired amount) 
and add gnocchi (any desired amount.. you don't want to overfill the soup with too many)

cover and continue to simmer
cook 4 bacon slices and crumble.. add to pot. simmer for a few more minutes and you are ready to enjoy!! 

(if the soup is too thick, add a bit of water until desired consistency.. or more cream!! it's all up to you how you like your soup!!)

Your kids will love it and you may or may not have leftovers

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