Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hobo dinner

I forgot to take a picture, but next time I make one I will take some.. and next camping trip will definitely contain a hobo dinner or foil dinner.. whatever you want to call it.

I used:
steak, red skin potatoes, baby carrots, & white onion.

First, cut up your ingredients to the size of  your preference. I cut everything to about the same size so that they all cooked evenly and so they were easy for my kids to eat. I think next time I will add cabbage as well.

Next, add salt & pepper and creole seasoning (or season salt), and sprinkle some beef broth over it all.

cut about a 2 foot long or so piece of foil and put your ingredients on one end. veggies on the left, meat on the right (or vice versa)

Then, fold the foil over and roll up all 4 sides. Add another piece of foil again to cover the entire thing.

cook over coil in a campfire for about an hour. check after about 30-45 min. and turn over once.

So easy and delicious!! perfect camping dinner.

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