Sunday, March 7, 2010

Puddim de Leite

Milk Pudding/ Custard: (like Flan)
I have had a lot of requests for some Brasilian recipes, so here you go! any problems, since recipes aren't always exact, let me know :)
1 can condensed milk
1 can (use the empty can of condensed milk) milk or (1/2 milk, 1/2 coconut milk..I prefer with the coconut milk)
3 eggs
in a medium tin pudding mold (picture coming soon..kinda like a bundt cake pan mold) add about 2-3 Tbsp sugar and let melt on med heat on stove and rotate mold until well coated on the bottom and sides.
pour in mix from blender
Bake at 350 degrees (put mold into another pan will with a little water; about 1-2 in) for about 30 min-1 hr..check in between with toothpick and should be a nice firm pudding.
take out of oven and cool. once it is fully chilled. release pudding along the inside and outside with a knife and carefully dump mold onto platter upside down. gently tap the top of the mold and sides and release mold from pudding.
next, enjoy this wonderfully rich dessert
(picture will come once I make it again)

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