Friday, March 26, 2010

Grandma's Meatloaf

1 lb ground beef in a bowl
chopped onion (about 1 cup)
garlic, 1 Tbsp
1-2 Tbsp ketchup, spaghetti sauce, and tomato paste
a few dashes of salt, seasoning salt, & pepper
a pinch of parsley
1 Tbsp worstechire sauce
1 egg

meanwhile: break up about 1 slice of bread and soak in 1/2 milk, 1/2 heavy whipping cream. then add to meat (drain the bread first)

fry a few slices of sausage (polska keilbasa) just a couple minutes each side

Mix all ingredients and meat with hands.
divide into 1/2
add 1/2 to bottom of loaf pan
add a few slices of partially cooked sausage in middle
add second 1/2 of meat on top
rub top with 1/2 keptchup, 1/2 spaghetti sauce and a little tomato paste
sprinkle top with bread crumbs (I used italian and panko..both are good)
add a few raw slices of bacon on top and sprinkle with parsley

Bake at 350 degrees for about 1 hr

once finished, collect some juice from pan and add to a bowl. add more ketchup, tomato paste, and spaghetti sauce and add meatloaf to a dish, spreading sauce on top and serve!

I served this at a RS function and it turned out great! first time I ever made it.

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