Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fruit Arrangement

This was inspired by fruit arrangements..which costs about $75-$90!
so I figure.. I will do one for free..this one I did for a friend's baby shower

I started out with a small round watermelon. use a melon baller and scoop out balls and put in a bowl until the watermelon half is empty.. then scrape out excess watermelon scraps and save. turn the empty watermelon upside down and put on cake platter. cut melon balls in half.
line the watermelon half with strawberries around the edge. with a flower cookie cutter, cut out flowers in a pineapple, save.
starting from the bottom of the watermelon half, using skewers cut in half putting the sharp end into the watermelon, use grapes as stem and add strawberries. then, on another stem, adding grapes, then your pineapple flower and watermelon ball half.
for one of the stems I did grapes and then manderin oranges for the top!
be creative and use different colorful fruits! this is great for occasions and get togethers, so people can just pull out a skewer and eat the fruit!

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