Sunday, March 7, 2010


This is a common appetizer or side dish in Brasil. Very easy to make!
First, you make some mashed potatoes. I assume everyone can make mashed potatoes, but if you go :
cut and peel potatoes and boil. I use a masher I got from Brasil, but you can mash them however you please. I like to mash them so they are fine and creamy. Add milk, sour cream, and garlic salt...mix. Let cool.
mix cooled mashed potatoes with flour until you get a dough like consistency. Roll into long strips, that looks like a long snake. cut into 1/2in to 1 in balls..add a little more flour to coat the balls. Heat oil in a fryer. Add a few balls and wait until golden brown, add parmesan cheese and COMER BEM!

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